2005 Jul 7 (Thu), 12:40 Vlog this
I've been saying it for years, but I hate the word "blog". It's stupid, insipid, and is yet another case where people take perfectly fine term like "web log" and turn it into verbal feces. I also hate it that everyone and their dog has one. I also really hate it when people call my web log a fucking blog. First of all, dicks, mine has been around since before there was such a things "blog" or even "web log". Technically, I would call this a "Diary of Rants" more than anything else.

At any rate, Maddox's latest article "If these words were people, I would embrace their genocide" is pretty damned funny because it sums up nicely what I've been bitching about for years.

Oh, and before some dildo goes and points out that my page is fitted for the same low-res dicks Maddox mentions (the 640x480 thing), bear in mind that you can change my page's layout to your liking and even remove all extraneous markup if you desire.

2005 Jul 8 (Fri), 14:24 Stupidest Thing Ever

Okay, I hope you've seen these monstrosities before. Well, Jessica and I recently took it upon ourselves to try them out (because we're manly! Well, I'm manly, and she's just a stone-cold bitch... or something like that... whatever... we're tough :-)

After bringing them to work and finding no one else was willing to help me consume these terrible things, I was forced to eat them myself.

Perhaps forced isn't the right word... I was more or less goaded into it by the Jelly Beans themselves. It went something like this:
Evil Beans: Hey Sam! Eat us!
Sam: No way! You guys are gross!
Evil Beans:What?! Of course we're gross! But so what? You aren't a pussy are you?
Sam: Shut up! I'm trying to work and am very busy!
Evil Beans: .... Pussy!
Sam: Listen, I'm not going to eat you because you call me names...
Evil Beans: Spoken like a true pussy!
Sam: Bah! I'm ignoring you.
Evil Beans: I guess you're just not man enough to take a little bad flavor with your Jelly Beans...
Sam: Hey! I'm all man, pal, you better shut your pie hole!
Evil Beans: ... Guess we now see why your ex- divorced you... Pussy...
Sam: Shut up!
Evil beans: ... Only a matter of time before word of your pussiness gets back to your new wife...
Sam: Okay, bastards, you're dead...
And then I ate them. Which is probably the dumbest thing ever I did do.

Anyway... if you're ever forced into a situation like that... I have some advice for you.

2005 Jul 8 (Fri), 14:29 Sites down

Due to routing issues, trac.samhart.net, svn.samhart.net, and the samhart.net mail filter (thus, the whole system since I do not allow non-filtered mail) are not accessible from large portions of the internet.

Sorry if this affects anyone. It should be restored soon.

2005 Jul 8 (Fri), 14:32 Sites up

Hah! Just as soon as I post that, they come back up. So, resume your normal... erm... whatever.

FWIW, the bottleneck was The Planet... which actually isn't my hoster... and they have been having problems for a few days now apparently.

2005 Jul 8 (Fri), 14:49 Rapid Fire Posts

Okay, okay, I need to stop this. But I just read something that made me smile and I needed to share.

When I lived in Tucson, I was a part of TFUG. I still lurk in the IRC (best channel ever) and basically tell superbenk when he's wrong and being a dick*. I should get back on the list, because those were fun times.

But, I digress. A good friend of mine, Jeremy Rogers posted the following that I found terribly insightful:
Yeah, I don't see Ubuntu as replacing Debian at all. It kinda like
knoppix.. its based on debian and tries to do much less than debian,
but do it very well. That's fine. If it works better for you, use it.
It even looks to offer commercial support, so thats great too.
However, Ubuntu has installs for 3 archs (PPC, x86, x86-64). Debian
has 11. Debian is also completely volunteer, so there is no commercial
motivation.. I find that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside because
it sorta takes the gnuness all the way. Maybe this will wind up being
a great example of cathedral/bazaar from within the linux world. But I
feel that most 'vehement ubuntu users' are seriously misinformed. At
least the ones that are vehement about being anti-debian.

Even the ubuntu site says debian is critical to Ubuntu's existance:
Hopefully Ubuntu devs will follow through and continue to contribute
back to debian, but either way, I don't think debian is going away.


Original post.

*: Heh, alright, Ben ain't a dick, per se. We may disagree on a lot of things, and he may be patently wrong on most of them, but he's an okay guy. I'm just a jackass who likes to razz his friends pretty hardcore.

2005 Jul 28 (Thu), 23:23 Toss your own salad: $4.99

Meh... new rpmstrap release. Check it. Some nice new features thanks to several contibutors as well as a new tool for solving/ordering RPM-pool-issues (I need to document it... I know... I suck).

Also updated some screenshots. Mainly wanted to show off my wife's kack ass desktop.

Erm... some more IRC Jackass nonesense here and here...

Finally, finished that blasted Harry Potter book (the Half-Blood Prince one). Jerk J.K.... she can eat a fat one. Bitch. I read it on my business trip last week (check it, shrimp and lobster thermador).

Other than all that.... meh...