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My current and future screenshots can be found in my imgur web album. My older screenshots will remain online here.

After two years in Windows-land working on Funavision stuff, I finally got a Linux desktop back up and running. Nothing really notable happening in this screenshot other than the fact that it's Linux again :-)

Finally rebuilt the laptop after the horrible build that was given to me by a former coworker. Also upgraded the RAM and HDD. So, I felt a new theme was in order. I started with the GTK E17 theme, and then built a custom Fluxbox theme around that. I really should upload my custom themes sometime...

Not much has changed here... still using the same themes as last time, except now on a 64-bit desktop. I really didn't need to take this screenshot but I have been having fun with my new Quickcam (It's all motorized, and everything works under Linux). I was also startled by my amazing hair loss. So, here's a screenshot!

Tried something different and went with a brown-ish theme on everything. Thus far, I really like it. The XMMS theme is "Browns", the GTK theme is "Sugarshack", and the Fluxbox theme is a slightly customized "Mechanical Pulse" (I don't like large borders on my windows, plus I like a specific font). The KDE color theme is customized to match Sugarshack (I sure wish GTK colors were as easily modified as KDE app colors are).

Wife redid her desktop (it was too dark, hah!) and I thought it was slick enough to show off. She's become a fan of Gnome, so she is showing her colors, so to speak.

Have a new laptop from work. Having just recently gotten it set up the way I liked it, I decided to show it off. It's widescreen, which I really like on laptops, and quite a bit more powerful than my personal one. In this shot I am dinking around with some rpmstrap tools and PDK.

Just working on rpmstrap and testing some new suite scripts for it. Nothing big. Specifically I am working on rpm-solve.py and will be making new suite sripts for SuSE 9.3 and Mandriva (or whatever they want to be called) 10.1. I am also toying here with some sort of emerge or portage strap script (rpmstrap/debootstrap for Gentoo). Nothing may come from it (especially considering the stage 1 Gentoo tar ball is chroot ready) but I am toying with it.

Jess's desktop was actually pretty kack ass, so I had to display it. She put a lot of effort into making it all fit a theme she has set in her head. I think it's kind of cool. Too dark for me, mind you, but undoubtedly an "E" for Effort (I'm such a jackass :-)

Work Desktop Screenshots


My work screenies are always boring. Technically, you could have seen this screenie months ago if you squinted right, but I did want to make it official. Just working on some rpmstrap stuff here (not necessarily work related.. but I can't exactly show most of the ones that would be work related :-)

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