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UNIX02/Setting Up Shares To Web

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If you will recall, in a previous example (/Add documentation to your web server) we set up web-accessable pages for the Sales and Public Relations offices for Odyssey, Inc. These pages were accessable on the web from
 http://localhost/pr/   --- and ---   http://localhost/sales/

and were located on your server at

 /home/www/pr   --- and ---   /home/www/sales

Well, the president of Odyssey, Inc., Hal Neun Tausend, has placed Heywood Floyd in charge of the web-page for Sales and Stanley Clarke in charge of the web-page for PR.

Both Heywood Floyd (username 'floyd') and Stanley Clarke (username 'clarke') want to be able to update the office web-pages from their Microsoft desktops.

Create appropriate entries in smb.conf to reflect this, and verify that modifications made to each share do, in fact, show up on the web site.

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