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UNIX02/Add Documentation To Your Web Server

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For the company you have previously set up home directories, users and groups for, Odyssey Inc., you now must begin to setup a basic web-server.

Each of the previous users which you have created should have their own personal homepage on the web-server as dictated by the ~ (tilde) specifier. For example, Heywood Floyd's personal homepage should be accessable from


These homepages should be located in a ~/public_html directory inside of each users homepage and should be owned by them.

Additionally, there needs to be specific directories for the 'pr' and 'sales' groups that are accessable from the web at

 http://localhost/pr/ --- and --- http://localhost/sales/

These directories should be located on ther server under /home/www/pr and /home/www/sales, and should be group readable and writable by those in the pr and sales groups respectfully.

Configure your httpd.conf file to reflect this desired setup, and populate your various web-accessable directories (the home pages and the /pr and /sales directories) with some file of your choice from the mini-HOWTO collection at TLDP:

Pretend that whatever tar-ball you are using is the desired default for everyone's site.

Once you have populated the server, use apachectl to test your configuration files, and then to start the server. Once it is running, check the status of it.

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