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UNIX02/How Does Mail Get Delivered

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Before we look at some specific technologies available for Mail delivery and services, it would be helpful if we could, at least pictorially, get an overview of what happens when we send an e-mail. (The following picture was based upon the ASCII-art rendition by Guylhem Aznar in his [Linux Electronic Mail Administrator HOWTO])

MUA - Mail User Agent
MTA - Mail Transport Agent
SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
LDA - Local Delivery Agent

Some notes:

  • On some MTA's, there is an integrated LDA.
  • This is for a setup where the sending MUA is on the same machine as the sending MTA. More often than not, the sending MUA will be using SMTP to connect to another MTA to do the actual sending.
  • Some MUA's have notification agents built in.

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