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Except for extremely new hardware, or hardware with known compatibility problems, most modern-day Linux distributions need very little pre-install preparation. Linux distributions have become very intelligent with respect to hardware detection and configuration.

Interesting Note: There is a Linux distribution known as Knoppix ( which is something known as a "Live-on-CD" Linux distribution. Knoppix has incredible hardware detection routines. Although it is not its designed purpose, Knoppix can be used as tool for troubleshooting hardware compatibility/identification problems with other Linux and even Windows installs!

In spite of the fact that most Linux distributions do a pretty decent job of hardware detection these days, it is still a good idea to become familier with the process in the event that you do encounter a compatibility issue.

General Concepts

  • Dual-boot? If so, pick partitioning scheme. Possibly resize hard drive. See page 805-807 or wait until we hit Dual Booting later in this class.

  • Networking? Make a note of any and all information you may need for networking. If you are running DHCP, do you need a DHCP hostname? If you are using static IP addresses, be sure to get all networking items you can (err on the side of safety).

  • Hardware inventory. Make a list of what devices you will have to have supported in Linux. If you are dual-booting Windows, you can view much of this information inside of Microsoft's Device Manager. If you are not dual-booting, or Microsoft's Device Manager is less-than helpful, you can try loading Knoppix (see above) and check boot messages and drivers loaded. Is worse comes to worse, crack your computer's case and make a note of anything that seems important.

  • Picking a filesystem and a filesystem layout (see next section)

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