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UNIX02/Installing An Application From Source

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You should have already covered basic application compilation in the previous course. However, in case you didn't (or need a refresher) we'll do it again quickly.

While you are still logged into Red Hat as root, browse to the following website:

You will see that there is a Nano RPM, however, it is not for our version of Red Hat Linux, and will not install. Instead, download the source tar.gz file.

tar.gz files are sometimes called "tar-balls".

Untar it into root's home directory (if you need a refresher on this, see UNIX01/Dealing with tar files). cd into the nano directory created from the archive and do an ls -la. You should see a file names 'README'. Most application source archives will contain a README file which tells you how to build the application, and Nano is no different.

Taking a look at the README file for Nano, we find that it uses the autoconf/automake build system mentionned previously (if you need a refresher, see UNIX01/Building an Application).

To build and install Nano, simply issue the following commands:

     make install

Do that now, and verify that nano has been installed by running it.

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