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UNIX02/Enable Each Users Mail Using PINE

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[Pine] is a console-based email client produced by the University of Washington. It is not OpenSource? or FreeSoftware?, and has many redistribution restrictions. However, for many UNIXes it is the default mail application. It is installed by default in Red Hat.

Red Hat (and many other Linux distributions) is presently moving away from Pine (partly due to legal restrictions and partly due to slow adoption of security fixes). In future versions of Red Hat, you may find that an alternative FreeSoftware? mail client, [Mutt] will replace Pine.

Start your Postfix mail server and su to various users and verify that mail is routed correctly on your local server. Once you have done that, meet someone else in the room and send messages to users on their server. Verify that they recieve the messages, and that replies return to you.

NOTE: Because we are not really a part of a larger network, you may or may not be able to send email outside of this classroom. If your email does get out, it may be bounced. If it is not bounced, then you will not be able to receive a reply.

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